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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,    ETC.                177

M. Dolomleu tells me Madame de 1'Albanie had a
son by Alfieri, and it was in consequence of this
that the Grand Duke sent her to Rome.

February ist, 1797.

They are crying about the streets the account
the Directory has sent to the councils of an
abortive conspiracy of the Royalists to proclaim
Louis XVIIL, carried on by a maUre de requetes,
a poor foolish fellow, a Baron Poly and an Abbe
Brottier, nephew to the Jesuit editor of " Tacitus,"
The scheme was weaker than water.

I have read the passage you allude to in
"Tacitus," and Tersan and I agree that it is
tire par les cheveux et entortilU, even too much for
him. When one begins to be too old to guess
logogriphs, I find one dislikes obscenity and
difficultes vaincues.

I dined yesterday en grande compagnie at a
dinner given to me by Perignon, avocat de la
Marine. His wife is handsome; she was the only
lady there; an American consul and myself the

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